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Safety rails for new builds

We provide a safer, better, cost-effective alternative for Builders, Solar System Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers and Tilers who need Temporary Roof Barrier, Edge Protection, Hand Rails, Safety Rails to work on new builds.

We have developed and sell fully certified safety systems to enable you, your workers and contractors to work at height on new builds in both safety and with freedom to work.

Our systems are simple to install and are fully adjustable to allow for buildings with and without eaves.

Our systems also save you considerable downtime as they are installed by you when you need them installed and can removed by you when you need them removed. We supply a complete “How To” installation guide and certification documents, backed up with phone support. We can normally supply your system within ten days from the placement of your order.

Under current Australian legislation perimeter fall protection is required in the following situations:

  • Work on roofs of one or two storey constructions or situations with similar potential fall height.
  • When concrete or semi-glazed tiles are used on any roof.
  • Where dry/clean fully glazed tiles or metal deck roofing materials are used on any roof.
  • On roofs where surface moisture, oil or other conditions may make the roofing material slippery.
  • Other situations where the risk assessment shows an unacceptable risk of injury should someone fall.


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